Hey guys, so I was thinking about doing a “make me choose” meme thing.
I’ll continue to do gifset per episodes (even though i’ve only done 5) but I thought this might be fun too?

If you don’t know how it works, basically you send me an ask with two of something (anything) related to the show, eg. two characters, actors, episodes, particular moments, settings, guest stars etc, and I will respond with my choice in the form of a picspam/gifset.

It’ll probably take me about 6 months to get them made but still, I think it would be fun to try. So if anyone feels like it.. make me choose!? :) x

So some father Mulcahy gifs were requested a while ago and I want to make a couple of photosets/gifs of him. If you like you can message me your favourite Father Mulcahy moment, quote etc. and i’ll try to make them:) Telling me the episode name would help too if you can, thanks!

Hi guys, I’m posting this same message here and at mashconfessions

I just wanted to say I’m really sorry for not updating as regularly as I had promised, I figured once my exams were over we’d be winding down and I’d have more free time, but I was wrong :L

But I go on my summer holidays for seven weeks (yay!) in two days and I PROMISE I shall definitely be making loads more confessions and graphics very soon.
Thanks for the patience guys, you are all awesome, and sorry again!  

Okay, so that was my attempt at a gifet-per-episode thingy. 
I know it’s not very good but this was just a tester to see how it would look and if I could actually do it:L It takes a surprisingly large amount of time to make. 
Any feedback would be appreciated. Should I keep going and do more or just quit while i’m ahead? ;)
And suggestions for improvement would be good too as I’m crap at making gifs.
Melissa X 

Okay, i think i may start doing a “gifset per episode” spam. I’ll give it a go and see how i get on. Knowing me i’ll probably do the first two episodes or something and give up, but I shall give it a try:) 
If anyone has any suggestions/moments from episodes, let’s say for now, 1-4, then let me know and I’ll try and include them:) 

So i’m going to be working on some requests soon…

I have quite a few in the ask right now and I will publish the requests and try and make them pretty soon. I have been very busy lately and with exams coming up will probably continue to be but I promise I will try my very best to make some pretty things for everyone soon. 

Also, remember you can continue to submit your own work!

Oh, and I distinctly remember someone asking me to do a GIF of the Hawk/Beej scene in “Preventative Medicine” but I can’t find it in my ask box so Tumblr seems to have eaten it up. So whoever requested this, I am working on it now! And feel free to send me another message if you like.

Sorry I’ve been changing the theme a lot recently…

But the one that I was using went mucked up so I had to find another one and I haven’t been quite happy until now. I like this one, hope you do too.
I haven’t been making graphics a lot lately, I know, but I’ve been so busy all the time with school and things that I haven’t had much time, but I promise I’ll try and do more over the next week or two, and especially some this weekend.
But remember, you can still submit anything you like on here, which would help keep the blog fresh and updated :)
And also, I have a few requests for graphics which I haven’t forgotten about, I’ll publish them and try to get them done over the next few days. 


If anyone would like to request a GIF and/or graphic of any moment or scene from ANY episode of the show, please feel free to request. I’m going to be making more stuff over the next few days anyway and I’d rather make it something you would like. So, please send me some requests through the ask box, here:)!x

Hello Everyone

Welcome to the new M*A*S*H graphics blog.
Please start submitting graphics, either the ones that you have made or ones you’ve found (please credit the maker)
Also you can start requesting images or gifs to be made of specific scenes or moments throughout the series.
Any questions? Just ask! And enjoy the blog:)