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"Here we are in the middle of all this shooting, and I get laid up because of something that happened to me when I was seven." 

Can you please do some Sidney gifs? I love him and my favorite episodes are with him :)

This is from months ago too, but sure! Making some Sidney gifs right now:)x

4.02 Change of Command → 6.01 Fade Out, Fade In

M*A*S*H »


This show is my favourite thing,

mental health issues aren’t considered “being chicken” or “life ending”.
(Dr. Freedman is a great psychiatrist!)

Even homosexuality gets slipped in

(there is seriously an episode where they go on a mission to make sure a gay…

You are a god, my friend, a god. I *neeed* M*A*S*H in my life, and you have provided it for me. This is a truly holy service.

This ask is from AGES ago, and I don’t know why I never answered it, but thank you so much, you are so sweet:D it’s so amazing to see so many people who are truly enthusiastic about this show! Take care! xx

There’s nothing here I’m going to miss… except you.

I’ll miss you. A lot. I can’t imagine what this place would’ve been like if i hadn’t found you here.

└ 1x06 - Yankee Doodle Doctor

Hey guys, so I was thinking about doing a “make me choose” meme thing.
I’ll continue to do gifset per episodes (even though i’ve only done 5) but I thought this might be fun too?

If you don’t know how it works, basically you send me an ask with two of something (anything) related to the show, eg. two characters, actors, episodes, particular moments, settings, guest stars etc, and I will respond with my choice in the form of a picspam/gifset.

It’ll probably take me about 6 months to get them made but still, I think it would be fun to try. So if anyone feels like it.. make me choose!? :) x

M*A*S*H || One Gifset per episode

∟ 3x06 - Springtime

"Well, goodnight folks. If you need me I’ll be unconscious."

"Ahhhh, to sleep. A chance to dream."

"On the other hand, maybe I’ll have another cup of coffee."


fangirl challenge - [1/15] pairings -Hawkeye and Margaret

"Our head nurse is really something. Major Houlihan. Margaret. …did I mention she’s really something?" - Hawkeye